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Pilates classes in Barcelona

Away from home? Keep up with your Pilates practice with us

Each body is a world of possibilities

Reason why we craft all classes according to our clients needs. We are committed to guide you through Pilates and build a better set of healthier movements that can improve your wellbeing. 

Our packages

In your own rhythm. Easy booking system.

We offer classes in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

Choose your pack and manage your sessions on our app. 

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Single private session

Single duo session

Top-notch Classical Pilates Studio

A complete Classical Equipment system of the highest quality allows our team to explore the method at its fullest. Making our sessions highly personalised, human-centred and effective. 


Reformer or MAT?
All of it and much more

Pilates is an integrated system. Joseph Pilates created an extraordinary environment to develop a full body and mind workout.  

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